19 October 2011

[News] KARA's Jiyoung is a school bully?

KARA's maknae Kang Jiyoung recently appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘ and denied the rumors about her being a bully in school.

During the show, Super Junior's Kyuhyun asked, "Is it true that you’re part of a notorious clique in school? If there’s nothing like that, then these rumors wouldn’t come out."

In response, Jiyoung explained, "Those stories came about when there’s no evidence. There aren’t any pictures to validate that. To be honest, I did hang out with those type of kids. However, I’ve never bullied my classmates for money or anything."

Source: Nate
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[News] SECRET share thoughts toward SNSD's "The Boys"

Girl group SECRET shared their thoughts on the recent released of SNSD's "The Boys".

Through the OSEN interview on October 19th, the girls remarked, "We saw SNSD's music video today. It was pretty awesome!"

SunHwa put her thumbs up and said, "They were all beautiful in the music video. I'd just thought, This is SNSD!"

Ji Eun said, "We actually have the same MV director as SNSD. He worked for our music videos since our debut but this time, he chose to film SNSD's music video before ours so we joked, 'Do you like the SNSD unnis more than us?'"

Hyosung added, "The fact that we could stand on stage with SNSD is such an honor. We will think of this as a great opportunity and work harder."

Secret released their first full-length album "Moving in Secret" with their "Love is Move" music video on October 18th, while SNSD released their third album "The Boys" on October 19th.

Source: Nate
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[News] TVXQ to release new Japanese single "Winter"

TVXQ has announced that they will be releasing a new single, titled “Winter“, on November 30th!

The single will be released just in time for the winter holidays, which features TVXQ's very first Christmas song, "Winter Rose" and a winter version of "Duet".

"Winter" will come in two different versions:

<CD + DVD>

01. Winter Rose
02. Duet -winter ver.-
03. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
04. Duet -winter ver.- -Less Vocal-

01. Duet -Video Clip-
02. Duet -Video Clip- (Member Version)
03. Off Shot Movie

First Press:
01. Christmas specifications
02. Jacket size card (1 out of 6)
03. DVD off-shot movie



01. Winter Rose
02. Duet -winter ver.-
03. Winter Rose -reversible ver.-
04. Winter Rose -Less Vocal-
05. Duet -winter ver.- -Less Vocal-
06. Duet -winter ver.- -Member Chorus ver.-

First Press:
01. Christmas specifications
02. Jacket size card (1 out of 6)
03. 12-page booklet

Source: TVXQ's Website
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[News] The Largest Impressions Left by Girls’ Generation’s Japan Arena Tour

It’s been a very impressive year for Girls’ Generation. They had a successful Japanese debut, kicked up a storm of girl group fever, and on the other side of the world they had a magnificent SMTown concert debut in Paris. These girls are the heart of, and also the leaders of the Hallyu Wave.

Having met up with Girls’ Generation for an interview, they brought up the fact that in the past year the things that made them the happiest were their Japanese arena tour and the concert in Paris.

Seohyun was quoted as saying, “The most memorable experience was when we did the Japanese Tour. I learned different ways on how to enjoy the stage more, especially on a personal level. And for the first time, I was able to learn tricks to enjoying it with the fans. Every time that we had a performance we would learn new ways to enjoy together, and as time kept passing by, the nine of us got better at it.”

Sooyoung was also quoted as saying, “During the three month long arena tour, because the members were able to spend a lot of time together, we were able to strengthen our bonds again. During our stay we were able to eat a lot of tasty food, ride the bullet train, and we even went to a hot spring. It felt like we went on a fun vacation. We also learned different methods for taking care of our health so that we would have the necessary strength and perseverance to stand on stage and continue the concerts.”

Girls’ Generation also mentioned things they wanted to try regarding future concerts, “We want to try having a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome and also a world tour. At least once we definitely want to go to South America where we’ve never been to before. Since it was decided that our seniors ‘Super Junior’ are going to South America, once again they’ll be opening up the path for K-POP.”

Source: Innolife
Translated by: SeraphKY@soshified.com
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified.com
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[NEWS] Secret’s Hyosung is taken to the Emergency Room

Secret’s leader, Jeon Hyosung, was taken to the hospital’s emergency room before their comeback stage, making those around her feel sympathetic.

On the 20th, Secret’s company, TS Entertainment, said Hyosung’s health becoming worse last night on the 19th and was quickly taken to the emergency room. She rested after getting an IV.

Representatives explained, “Hyosung was having trouble since last week because she caught body aches and a cold. With her comeback stage just a day ahead, it seemed that she had gotten tired trying to go through with 7 interview and recording schedules.”

Continuing on, they added, “Along with this being the 1st official album that Secret’s revealing in 2 years since their debut, it seems she was burdened as the leader because the past 4 songs have all been hits.”

However, the representative calmed fans down by saying, “She was really worried for awhile because her voice wasn’t coming out properly. Since it’s an album that they devoted their whole selves to, she purposely went to the emergency room just in case she wouldn’t be able to show her all during the comeback stage.”

Secret revealed their 1st official album’s title song, ‘Love is Move’, on the 18th and plan to officially start promotions.

Secret, who is debuting through Mnet ‘M! Countdown’ on this day, gave the 1st place on music portal sites to SNSD, but kept the 2nd place ranking, making this an amazing opening act for the end-of-the-year girl group battle.

trans. cr; hyejin @ secret updates | source cr; spn
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[News] Goo Hara disappointed with her juniors

KARA's Goo Hara appeared on SBS "Strong Heart" and admitted that she was a bit disappointed with her junior idols.

Goo Hara remarked, "It's amazing how many juniors we've come to have now, since we debuted five years ago."

She then continued, "But our juniors these days don’t respectfully greet us first and it makes us kind of upset. Even when we go to them first to greet them and say hi, they don’t really respond."

The other guests present are KARA’s own seniors including Baby VOX, Diva, Lee Kyung Sil & Jo Hye Ryun. They also offered some advice to her problem, bringing laughter to the set.

Also on the episode were KARA’s Park Gyuri, Kim EZ, Lee Hee Jin, Diva‘s Vicky & Jinny, Kim Sejin, Kim Hyung Bum, and Byun Ki Soo. This episode will air on October 18th, 11:15PM KST.

Source: Nate
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[News] There’s no stopping--SNSD's ‘The Boys’ achieves "all-kill"

Who could stop the girls? There is no competition at all! As soon as SNSD’s 3rd album ‘The Boys’ was released, the songs in the album conquered top positions in the real-time charts on major music sites.

At 12am KST on October 19th, ‘The Boys’ was released simultaneously worldwide through iTunes and also via various music sites in Korea. As of 8am KST, the title song, ‘The Boys’ have secured the no.1 spot on real-time charts on melOn, Bugs!, Soribada, Olleh Music, Monkey3, etc as well as no.3 spot on Mnet. It is on the brink of making an ‘all-kill’ within just 8 hours after release.

Particularly on Bugs!, all the 12 songs in the 3rd album have managed to secure the top 12 spots in the real-time chart. ‘The Boys’ took the 1st spot, followed by ‘Telepathy’, ‘Mr.Taxi (Korean version), ‘How Great Is Your Love’, ‘Vitamin’, ‘Trick’, ‘Say Yes’, ‘Top Secret’, ‘Sunflower’, ‘My J’, ‘Oscar’ and ‘Lazy Girl’.

On Olleh Music, SNSD’s songs occupied 9 spots out of the top 10 spots with only Secret’s ‘Love Is Move’ in the 5th spot.

At 10.20am KST, the English version of ‘The Boys’ continued climbing up the charts and took the 74th spot on the overall iTunes Singles Chart and 32rd on the iTunes Pop Chart.

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